Friday, June 08, 2012

Sofia Design Week 2012: Design and Happiness*

"Can happiness be manipulated?" was my natural question after the lecture of Stefan Sagmeister, one of the most interesting guest speakers at the Sofia Design Week 2012 Professional Forum. "Yes!" Sagmeister answered, "Happiness can be trained like we do with fitness training."
The forum - Stefan Sagmeister and his scale of happiness photo Michail Novakov
Austrian by birth, based in New York, the designer has had his own agency, Sagmeister Inc., since 1993. Last month, all of this changed when Sagmeister Inc. relaunched as Sagmeister & Walsh with an eye-catching announcement (warning, NSFW) to prove that "we'd do anything for design." Using his own body to make a design statement is not new for Sagmeister—he also employed this tactic with his famous AIGA poster from 1999 advertising a speaking engagement at Cranbrook by carving the details onto his torso.

 *Това е началото на публикацията ми в CORE77 за лекцията на 'рок-звездата' сред графиците, Stefan Sagmeister, както го наричат в TED, на професионалния форум на Sofia Design Week 2012


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“The idea that design is the development of a series of progressive sketches is romantic and not very accurate,”

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