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The New Office Designs - Trends*

 Not really offices exactly, but flexible spaces and products that move and change their place and function so that they can serve us better and  longer. Най-новото предложение за работно място, отговарящо на изискванията за присъствие на природата и използване на естествени и дълготрайни материали в обзавеждането на модерния офис – дизайн на работно място от известния японски дизайнер Naoto Fukasawa за KETTAL , представен на Панаира в Милано през април. Колекция A включва маси и елементи на столовете от естествено и тъмно дъбово дърво, а разделителите за бюро са от естествена ракита Business leaders around the world are redefining their workplace strategies to create flexible, technology-enabled and future-oriented workplaces. The office as we knew it has changed dramatically.  Cache atelier офис пространство за Alumina Elit  Digitalization and the pandemic have revealed new challenges, but also new opportunities: physical presence is no longer necessary to be part of the team and b

EUROLUCE - Light for a better life*

 One of the main highlights of this year's edition of the world's largest design exhibition, Salone del Mobile , was the return of Euroluce - the biennial dedicated to lighting - after a four-year hiatus. For its 31st edition, Euroluce presented the works of 315 exhibitors (almost half of which from outside Italy) on an area of more than 29,200 m2 and with a new exhibition design designed by Lombardini22. Italamp - PIOLA, design Danilo De Rossi, photo Temenouzhka Zaharieva Art and functionality were beautifully mixed at Euroluce 2023 (as can be seen for example in the photo above – a beautiful way to separate space with the help of light). Innovative projects were presented with a focus on lighting that improves the well-being of people and the environment. From reducing energy consumption to systems that stimulate plant growth: inventions that reflect two of the main themes proposed by Euroluce 2023, smart lighting and human-centric lighting. “Electronics, multimedia and comp

Design and innovation on the Milan scale*

  Moooi - Knitty Lounge Chair, design Nika Zupanc What do you get when you gather the world's most innovative designers, architects and creatives in one place? The answer is Salone del Mobile. Here are the main trends presented at the exhibition in Milan this year. Of course, first is the inevitable topic of sustainability, but no longer just formally, like "correct" speaking, but with real examples that do not compromise with aesthetics. Reuse, regeneration, circularity and energy saving are at the heart of the event, but attention is also paid to the sources of materials, new installations that can be dismantled and reused, innovative production methods and products designed with a circular approach. And durability of products: “The word sustainability is often overused and inappropriate. As designers, we have to work hard to produce objects and products that will really stand the test of time," says designer Piero Lissoni, explaining that rather durability and the

Inspiration from Milan - New designs and Trends from Salone del Mobile 2023*

The annual exhibition in Milan is eagerly awaited by everyone – design professionals, journalists who follow the latest trends in furniture and interior design in general, and many people who are simply looking for inspiration for their own home. And the recently completed 61st edition of Salone del Mobile has successfully completed this task. We saw a lot of interesting new products, real solutions for a greener lifestyle and production, as well as the magic of Euroluce – the biannual lighting exhibition within the fair. photo @Temenouzhka Zaharieva Sustainability and the circular economy were once again the main themes for the Salone del Mobile Milano, the annual furniture exhibition, as well as the Fuorisalone, the many galleries, installations and events throughout the city. According to the festival's press release, there were 307,418 registered participants, 550 young designers from 31 countries and 28 design schools and universities from 18 countries. There was a 15% incr

EUROCUCINA 2022 - The Evolution of the Kitchen*

*A translation of my article  in "More for the house" on-line magazine. Kitchen Geometrica design by Luca Nichetto for Scavolini  "The kitchen is the place in our home that best represents who we are and how our style and lifestyle have evolved over time," says renowned Italian designer Antonio Citterio. And not only that - during the past two years of restrictions we have realized that it is becoming more and more important to us. That's why it's useful to know what's new, what we can take advantage of. One of the most important sources of information on the subject is EUROCUCINA - the event dedicated to kitchen design at the Salone del Mobile fair in Milan. The first full-fledged edition of the fair, which took place in June, included both events that usually alternate every year: Eurocucina and the International Bathroom Exhibition. The idea was to present the novelties and trends that have been formed during the time of predominantly digital represen

Inspiration From the Coming Up Salone

As President Maria Porro says in an interview for Stylepark, Salone del Mobile is not just an international furniture trade fair, but a catalyst as well... it makes us think about the direction furniture design needs to take in the future." So, let's have a look at some inspiring new designs that I think may be a sign for that direction.  Art Deco and desire for luxury seem to be back again along with the global trend for real sustainability. Pacific is the continuation of a design process begun in 2010 with the iconic Redondo collection by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso: Soft lines and curves everywhere, too. Ditre Italia | Clip bed GIULIA , a new kitchen, completely handmade with a very high component of technology and home automation, design by Luca Mattoni who "wanted to take the kitchen concept even further, conceived as a design object capable of changing the face of the environment in which it is located. A kitchen that reinterprets the standard idea of ​​how this


"Like movie directors, designers are the keepers of the vision and build the interdisciplinary teams that are needed to achieve it”

Paola Antonelli