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Paola Antonelli

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Design Must Go On (line) *

One of the most important exhibitions in the field of interior design - Salone del Mobile in Milan, has been canceled, but important trends remain

* English translation of my article in Capital LIGHT
Bicocca by IOK 
This year will be memorable for all of us. It is as if everything has stopped and an unprecedented internal reorganization is going on everywhere - regardless of personal desires. But for design, over the past week, the change has been even more tangible, because at this time of year, all of us usually focus on Milan.

If it weren't for the pandemic, the 59th edition of the traditional Salone del Mobile (and with it the Fuori Salone) was to take place in Milan from April 21 to 26 this year - one of the most important design and furniture fairs. every year it welcomes over 400 thousand visitors.

For the thousands of designers, design brands and editors who flock to Milan year after year to try to capture the vast amount of innovation in the halls of Fiera Milano and in the dozens of exhibitions, installations, free events in different parts of the city, and in the evening to take part in the many cocktail parties, this week in the calendar caused a particularly strong nostalgia. This celebration of design has been postponed, and may remain only in our memories. Because change is certain.
 Monforte by IOK
The organizers of the exhibition announced that due to the increased spread of the coronavirus in Europe, the 59th edition of Salone del Mobile will not take place. Instead, the International Furniture Fair will be held from 16 to 21 June 2021, when its 60th anniversary will be celebrated. And unlike another year, then all exhibitions will take place simultaneously - Euroluce and EuroCucina, which have alternated so far in the year, the International Exhibition of Bathroom, the International Exhibition of Furniture Accessories, the exhibition oriented to the office, Workplace3.0, S.Project and SaloneSatellite - the program for designers under the age of 35, etc.

After the initial stress, both Italian and furniture companies around the world began offering free online consultations to their clients. Virtual meetings with designers and presentations of the new products, which were planned to be shown this month in Milan, are being organized.
BINARIO12 Legno by Аntonio Lupi
"Despite this difficult time, we have seen the home become a refuge, both physically and spiritually. Design plays an even more important role in our daily lives because it ensures a pleasant existence even in this difficult time," wrote Patricia Ventura, head of the International Press Office. Mobile Salon.

In these extremely unusual conditions for all designers and manufacturers from many countries share their support and send messages of universal solidarity and assurances that despite the crisis they will continue to create the beauty we need to exist. In his Universal Message of Hope and Solidarity, Marcel Wonders, founder and art director of the Dutch furniture company Moooi, says:

"While the world faces an invisible enemy, in these uncertain times we value even more the need to be together. We long to be back in our studio, in our clients' offices and at exhibitions like the Salone del Mobile, where the power of creativity and where we leave motivated and inspired year after year. Even divided at the moment, we are no less committed to creating a design that lifts the human spirit. "

There are daily announcements of virtual festivals and new digital platforms presenting what designers and companies had planned to show at the Milan exhibition this April, such as Fuorisalone Digital, etc. And they seem to confirm the change.
Sustainability - the trend that is already a given

Before the pandemic, resilience was the most widely used word in all international events. It was fashionable to talk about sustainable development, but how realistic was it? And can sustainability be more than a "beautiful word"? This question was asked by the mayor of Milan at a press conference for journalists from around the world on February 12, dedicated to the 59th edition of Salone. At the Aula Magna at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, representatives of the international press witnessed a rehearsal for the Salone del Mobile 2020, where beauty, ethics and sustainability emerged as the main themes of this year's exhibition.
Ph. Stark for B&B
The press conference and the preliminary presentation of some of the new approaches and products took place just a week before the news of the appearance of the virus in Italy. They reaffirmed the impression of the January exhibitions in Paris and Cologne: the pursuit of an ethical design approach that strengthens the search for the most sustainable solutions possible in a global context and a growing focus on the needs of future generations who are more interested in the real world. value of what they choose for their home and work environment.

Now that we are witnessing some positive changes in the state of the atmosphere as a result of reduced pollution and slowing down the pace of life, certainly sustainable development using the circular economy in a smart way has a chance to become a reality. It is clear that the pace is slowing down. Trends do not change so fast and sustainability is the focus of companies that are increasingly adapting and working in slower cycles and with more durable materials. We see many new products made from innovative, recyclable and reusable materials, in line with the views of the younger generation.
In order to put into practice the idea of ​​a circular economy and sustainability, the sources of the largest waste must first be identified. In this area, it turns out, one of them are the sets - usually after the exhibitions they are discarded.

Patricia Moroso, art director of the famous furniture company of the same name, presented the solutions that they believe combine the two words - beauty and sustainability - solutions based on the idea of ​​circular production. One of them was for the company to use for the exhibition a stand designed by Patricia Urquiola, with modules from Really panels by Kvadrat, a new material created from recycled textiles, with improved qualities, durability and good sound insulation. These modules can be used in future projects. The material for them is created from natural cotton and wool threads, industrial waste from the fashion and interior industry. As well as recycled textiles from hotels - with the regular change of sheets there are also generated huge amounts of waste. All of them are sorted and then processed without a special binder - only heat and pressure are used. The same Kally Really panels were used for a new version of the Fil shelf, a 1972 design by Pierre Paulin, which Ligne Roset presented at the Maison et Objet exhibition in January in Paris. Some of Moroso's new furniture is also made of such material.
RUBEN VAN MEGENV | Ventura Future
An intriguing idea was presented by Lago's marketing manager Alessandro Checon: the company plans to rent materials and high design furniture for homes, offices and hotels. He said the property model in Italy was "shifting" and that Lago was looking for a system that would allow customers to rent products. "Profiting and negotiating for dealers will be more difficult, but this is a move towards a more sustainable business model. Items will not be lost so much and could find life among more owners."

For its kitchens, the company provides an even greater opportunity for individualization - each customer can choose between different modules, which can be combined depending on the area and needs of the customer and between different types of materials and coatings.

Not an office, but a place to work

Another global trend, the blurring of the boundaries between home and work, was also presented by two women: Martina Pepori, managing director, and Rafaela Manjarotti, chief designer of IOC (International Office Concept), an office furniture company. "Today, the workplace can be anywhere - at home, in the office or even at the airport," Manjarotti said. "That's why we focus on a comfortable, functional and flexible design with soft, warm colors. Happy people work better."

That was in February. Today, after weeks of living limited to the confines of the home, we all know that working from home will continue to be a major option wherever possible. And this will certainly affect the design of furniture and the organization of the interior.

The new Bicocca chaise longue by IOK is a good example of the lack of such a border - together with the Corvetto side table it can be used both for writing e-mails, for example, and for relaxing. And the Monforte modular acoustic panels in a convenient arched shape allow the workplace to be rearranged according to the current need.
The Japanese furniture company Ritzwell presented its new range of chairs and desks, decorated with handmade details inspired by ancient Japanese culture. All wooden elements are made of walnut and oak of controlled origin and are treated with vegetable oils. They call their style organic modernism and each project goes through many evaluations to leave only the best of it and each of their products over time becomes only more beautiful and comfortable.

Another border has been blurred in recent years - the one between inside and outside. Outdoor furniture is already designed so that it is not inferior in comfort and elegance to those for the living room, for example, but they are also waterproof.

The collection "Oh, it rains!" appears as a result of the first collaboration between B&B Italia and Philippe Starck. "Oh, it rains!" is an innovation. It does not follow style or fashion, is resistant to rain and is also an intelligently designed high-tech product with high quality and exceptional comfort, "says the designer.

But the most positive trend in the field of design is the quick release from unnecessary glamor and vanity, from unnecessary investments and costs. More and more famous names in design are sending their video addresses with interesting messages. "The Covid-19 pandemic gives designers a chance to tackle global challenges instead of doing more pointless things," said designer Hela Jongerius in a video recorded for the Virtual Design Festival hosted by Dezeen (one of the most popular sites for architecture and design). It started a few days before the week when Milan Design Week was to take place. The event was originally titled Virtual Milan, but after the apparent disagreement of the organizers in Milan, it was changed. After resolving the controversy, some of the Italian participants in Milan Design Week, such as Ventura Projects, took part in this festival with their virtual events, along with many other online design publications.

These are just some of the initiatives to turn design festivals into virtual events, but they show a clear and irreversible trend for predominant virtual communication and offering of design products. Because designers are the people who are used to working most of the time individually, and "creativity is the ultimate renewable energy," says Ravi Naido, founder of the design platform in South Africa, Design Indaba. Most appeals unite in the message that design should not only be a source of consumer products - it can and should improve the quality of life of all of us.

Norwegian Presence, the annual exhibition organized by Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) during the Milan Fair, featuring a team of Norwegian designers and manufacturers, chose to follow its planned edition in digital format. Entitled "Innovation in Progress", it also focuses on exploring the possibilities for a circular economy. The Norwegian presence is a reaction to the brilliance that dominates the design field. Both the manufacturers and designers presented at the exhibition are focused on sustainability, looking for opportunities to work with zero waste and low-carbon emissions. Many of the designers in the show have created products using natural materials in their raw state, which means that they are not only sustainable to produce, but will be easy to recycle in the future.

"Consumption quarantine"

"The epidemic will lead to a global recession of unprecedented proportions, but will ultimately allow humanity to regain its values," said Lee Edelcourt, who heads New York Forecasting Agency Edelkoort Inc. and is one of the most influential figures. in design and fashion, advisor to consumer brands around the world, former chairman of the Eindhoven Academy of Design, dean of hybrid design research at the Parsons School of Design in New York. "It seems that we are entering consumer quarantine en masse, where we will learn how to be happy with just a simple dress, rediscovering old favorite things we have, reading a forgotten book ...

Not many people understand what is happening to our world and economy at the moment. Often in companies up to 90 percent of all goods are made in China from plastic and polyester. Soon we will see empty shelves for shoes, phones, clothes ... We will have a shortage of medical supplies and we will witness the cessation of the endless production of ugly souvenirs and useless products. This will allow us to open a blank page for a fresh start, because many companies will disappear in the process of delay.

Redirection and restart will require a lot of insight and audacity to build a new economy with other values ​​and ways to manage production, transport, distribution and retail. "

On the other hand, the largest market - that of home products - is in the spotlight. What is important for all of us now is the environment in which we are now forced to spend most of our time, and that means more investment in this sector. While furniture companies and design studios are investing in digital communications, sales of home improvement, gardening and interior design products in the United States rose 13 percent in March, according to Criteo's trading platform.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Missing Milan

This week we all had to be in Milan - designers, design journalists, producers, design enthusiasts. Like every year in April during Salone del Mobile. This year everything is different and I am sure we all miss the anual feast of creativity and vitality on the grounds of the Fiera and in the streets of Milan.
Many companies are doing their trubute to Milan with different activities, posts, on-line events.
I have started a series of articles in one of the Bulgarian on-line interior design magazines - More about the House - about what we are missing with the postponement of the Salone 2020, and also on my blog Trendoffice: What we missed with postponing Salone del Mobile.Milano 2020 - Part 1.
the International Press Conference for Salone 2020 held in the Aula Magna of the Catholic University of Milan
Mostly of the information is from my visit to the International Press Conference for Salone 2020 in February in Milan and the presentation for a large group of international design journalists where many of the largest Italian companies presented their new ideas and projects for Salone 2020.
This is the English version of my article:


The 59th edition of the world's most important design show - Salone del Mobile - was to be held in Milan this month. Instead of bringing together manufacturers, designers and design lovers from around the world, as every year in April, today Milan and all of us are focused on fighting a pandemic that has been unknown for centuries.
After one postponement of the June exhibition this year, in late March, the organizers announced its complete cancellation and scheduling of the 60th Anniversary Edition for April 2021.
 "Although we were determined to stick to the June date to allow the annual event to go according to plan, the current, unprecedented circumstances and medium-term uncertainty now mean that this year Salone del Mobile cannot be held.
The 2021 edition, which will mark Salone's sixtieth anniversary, will be a special event for the entire sector. For the first time, all biennial exhibitions will be held in conjunction with Salone Internazionale del Mobile: International Exhibition of Furniture Accessories, Workplace3.0, S.Project and SaloneSatellite. This means that EuroCucina, FTK (Kitchen Technologies) and the International Bath Exhibition will also be held next year, together with Euroluce, which is already scheduled for 2021.
This single, large trade fair for the entire sector will present a new opportunity to revitalize our business, the entire supply chain, which works in sync with Salone and Milan. "
Janeiro by LAGO - beautiful table with printed glass top, imitating marble and concrete base
But designers and furniture makers had prepared their new products for the interior, and not a small part of them was presented to us at a preliminary press conference in Milan on February 12th. Some of them have already been shown in my post A Look at Salone del Mobile 2020. 
It would be a pity not to see more of the new home design we miss with the cancellation of Salone 2020. That is why in a few publications I will present the most interesting of the new ones products, which was to be shown this month in Milan.
Fenix by LAGO - kitchen with special innovative scratch resistant material 
I start with the new Lago kitchens - as well as all the furniture of the company, the kitchens are modular and allow for full individualization - various combinations depending on the particular space and preferences are possible. Customers can also choose from a range of eco-friendly materials - metal, special coated glass, immitating copper, bronze, gold or beautiful colored designs for the cabinets themselves and for the work surfaces. They are all designed to meet the most pronounced trend at the moment - for a circular economy.
LAGO - kitchen with glass cabinet walls, imitating bronze
LAGO Materia cabinet with beautiful glass print
An interesting idea was shared during the presentation by Lago's marketing manager, Alessandro Cecon: the company plans to rent high-end furniture for homes, offices and hotels. He said the property model in Italy was "shifting" and that Lago was looking for a system that would allow customers to rent products. "Winning and negotiating dealers will be more difficult, but it is a move towards a more sustainable business model. The items will not be wasted so much and could find life among a set of owners. "
In addition, due to the special situation, the company introduces free telephone and video consulting for its clients with the company's designers. Consumers can plan their interiors with the support of LAGO professionals in just three simple steps. Using video calls and video chatting, users can benefit from a free consulting service and then all ideas can be created in one of the LAGO stores in Italy and around the world.
More and more manufacturers are introducing such services in Italy, and probably around the world, so that they can continue operating even under these unusual conditions. Interior design is becoming increasingly an online service - at least to a certain extent.

But before that we shall be able to enjoy the new design creations that were prepared for this year here, on-line.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Today is the birthday of a genius

Image result for Leonardo da vinci De Signo

Today is Leonardo da Vinci's birthday! Born 467 years ago, he created an incredible heritage of scientific and artistic creations to posterity that still enchants us and which is still relevant, unsurpassed by the discoveries of modern times. Proud successors of his genious, quite logically, contemporary Italians continue this love for creativity, art and design and collect in the annual Design Week (which started in 1961 as a vehicle to advance Italian design) some of the most intteresting achievements of today's international design scene. 

This year 
in the 500th anniversary of his death Milan Design Week pays homage to the Renaissance genius with numerous installations and events.
Leonardo was obsessed with water. AQUA is a site-specific experience designed by Marco Balich, developed with Balich Worldwide Shows, illustrating how Leonardo worked with water. "In several codices Leonardo drafted the beginning of treatise, never completed, on the movement of water wich was to bring togather his studies of the behaviour and nature of this element...." explains a text in the photos at the beginning of the AQUA instalation at Conca dell’incoronata – Via San Marco in Milan.

AQUA installation – Photo by Salone del Mobile.Milano.

AQUA installation – Photo by Salone del Mobile.Milano.

It was interesting to see also De-Signo, the other installation at pavilion 24that literally connects Leonardo's achievements, approach to design and the industriousness of the Renaissance workshops with the achievements of the contemporary Italian design companies  - from the time of the great Master to the present day. The cinematic installation by Davide Rampello and Alessandro Colombo occupies a 400 square metre space.



These are just two of a year-long series of events celebrating Leonardo's anniversary - allover the world!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Salone del Mobile 2019 celebrates Leonardo da Vinci*

source: Salone
This year, the 58th edition of Europe's biggest design event, Salone del Mobile, honors the incredible mind and talent of one of the brightest figures ever existed - Leonardo da Vinci.
With new formats, sections, and events The Milan Design Week from long ago is not just a furniture fair. From the new Permanent Exposition of Design in Triennale di Mliano to the unique installation of Marco Balich AQUA, dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Leonardo's death, its organizers have the ambition to build a vast network of design, located on a much larger area than before and with new entrants.
photo is mine

Less than two months before the opening of the exhibition, an international press conference took place on February 14 in Triennale di Milano during which we were acquainted with all the new projects that will  be seen in April. 

The 2019 edition promises to be as always up to date with many projects located on over 205,000 square meters of net exhibition space and more than 2,350 exhibitors - including 550 SaloneSatellite designers - and 34% of foreign companies. This year's Euroluce and Workplace3.0 exhibitions will also be presented.

Culture Minister Alberto Bonisolli announced that "it is no longer right for Salone del Mobile to be talked about as a furniture fair, but as a network: part of the collective consciousness, everything that happens in Italy. Design is a clear and distinctive part of our cultural heritage and must be defended and promoted through museums and archives, respectively. " In support of this, the government, said the minister, expects to invest 10 million euros in the Milan Museum of Design.

Following the "New Approach," launched with the Manifesto in 2018, Salone places this year's focus on both the central role of Milan, which continues to win international awards and recognition, as well as the creative capacity and generosity of the spirit of the industrial network, and adds a new term to the Manifesto:

"Looking again at the Manifesto key words, a statement that aims to focus on the values ​​that helped make the event leading to the international design sector, Salone introduces a new word and a new section. This word is 'ingenuity', in other words intelligence as a source and the beginning of creativity, the significance of talent and the genius's ability to create and invent a word that is an invitation to continue looking ahead rather than resting on our laurels, to believe that everything can always be rediscovered. 'Ingenuity' also pays tribute to Leonardo in the 500th anniversary of his death, the Master of All Creators, the forerunner of the relationship between creativity and entrepreneurship, the man of progress, the future and the present ... "said the president of Salone del Mobile Claudio Luti.
source: Milano Eevents

So, while making your usual visit to this most popular Design Week, be prepared to be completely stunned by two exceptional and highly emotional installations devoted to Leonardo da Vinci's genius. The great master left the sophisticated city of Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance in 1482, to establish himself in Milan, a city that was already at the center of one of the most productive regions of time, and open to all kinds of technological development. He has been working here as an artist, architect, engineer and scientist for over twenty years, leaving indelible traces. This is why Salone del Mobile will honor Leonardo right in the heart of Milan, at the beginning of the Conca dell'Incoronata Canal, with an exclusive and memorable AQUA installation dedicated to his amazing research, especially those related to water learning. AQUA. La visione di Leonardo. (WATER Leonardo's vision) can be visited from 5 to 14 April, in Conca dell'Incoronata or Conca delle Gabelle, at the very end of San Marco, in Brera, part of a system of locks that in Milan are called "Chiuse di Leonardo".
source: Salone

De-signo, the other project, dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, looks at the Italian design culture both before and after Leonardo in a Davide Rampello installation. Located in Pavilion 22, it uses multimedia applications and cinematographic techniques to tell Leonardo's story, as well as the Renaissance workshops and the craft of artists and business today.
A new exhibition concept dedicated to design products and decorative and technical solutions for interior design: S.Project, a flexible space in which the keywords will be multisectoral, synergic and quality, will be presented in this edition. 

And something new - for the first time this year, Salone begins with a concert on April 8 at the Teatro alla Scala (Milan Opera), conducted by Riccardo Chailly.

These are just some of the events and projects devoted to Leonardo during the Design Week in Milan in April this year, but the celebrations of the great genius are many more - all over the world, because, as the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, Leonardo is still the starting point for our time:
"A figure in the history of art, architecture, engineering and many other sciences reflects the creativity and hard work of our city: the genius Leonardo da Vinci. The honor Salone del Mobile gives him in his 2019 edition is an intelligent way of celebrating Leonardo's work in all his foresight and complexity. Five hundred years after his death, Leonardo is still the starting point for our time. ... ".
* This is the English version of my article published in ka6tata.com
Read more about The Salone 2019 International Pressconference held in February in my blog Trendoffice

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Triennale Milano presents at Museum of Architecture in Moscow Mario Bellini: Italian Beauty

The Exhibition "Mario Bellini. Italian Beauty" at the Triennale di Milano in 2017

The 4th of March is the inauguration of the first international stage of the exhibition “Mario Bellini. Italian Beauty” that La Triennale di Milano will present at Museum of Architecture in Moscow, devoted to the entire work of the world-renowned Milanese architect. 

Bellini has achieved all manner of success on both the small scale - eight Compasso d’Oro awards, and objects and furnishings that have become icons in homes and offices around the world, often anticipating or revolutionising tastes and styles, and on the large scale - conference centres, trade fair venues and museums from Japan to the USA, Germany and Australia and, in 2012, the Department of Islamic Art – a golden wave for the most prestigious museum in the world, the Louvre in Paris.

Friday, June 01, 2018

Как се 'разпечатва' цяла къща

"Забравете безкрайните строителни обекти, години спестяване за жилище и недостъпни суми за преустройство. Такъв реалистичен сценарий по темата беше представен миналия месец по време на Миланската седмица на дизайна.

Една къща, която изглежда сякаш е паднала от небето между историческите сгради на Piazza Beccaria в Милано, всъщност изникна за около 48 часа в първите дни на седмицата на дизайна.

Проектът, наречен 3D Housing 05 (3D жилище 05), е прототип на къща, отпечатана на място с портативен робот и 3D принтер, първият по рода си в Европа. Той има за цел да покаже потенциалните революционни промени в архитектурата, строителството и изобщо начина на живот, които предстоят в обозримо близко бъдеще...."

Видеото показва ясно как се случва това, а подробности за проекта на студио CLS Architetti  можете да прочетете в статията ми в Дневник, отйъс от която е текста по-горе.

Ако ви харесва - споделете:

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Седмицата на дизайна в Милано

* Статията ми в Още за къщата
Колекция на Louis Vuitton-дизайн на André Fu - Ribbon Dance.
Колекция на Louis Vuitton-дизайн на André Fu - Ribbon Dance
И тази година в началото на месец април Седмицата на дизайна в Милано събра  дизайнери, журналисти, търговци, производители и любители на добрия дизайн, за да покаже какви са най-новите постижения в света на интериора, какви са новите идеи и тенденции,  акцентите, които ще определят до голяма степен през следващите месеци пазара на мебели и продукти за интериора. Отбеляза се отново нарастване на обема на посетителите, които тази година са малко под половин милион, включително и осезаемо азиатско присъствие.
Сервизите за чай на Bethan Gray.
Сервизите за чай на Bethan Gray
Bucinmod Design Collection - Румъния
Bucinmod Design Collection - Румъния, снимки: автора 
Патриция Уркиола за Budri.
Патриция Уркиола за Budri
Впечатленията са за подчертана многоцветност – освен че не намалява влиянието на розовото във всякакви оттенъци, в продуктите силно присъстват и жълто, оранжево, зелено, синьо. Забелязва се силното влияние на италианския дизайн от 80-те години и на имена като Ettore Sotssas и Alessandro Mendini. Отново имаше много естествено дърво, но с оригинални решения и повече разнообразие от различни видове дървесина. Много ръчна работа и майсторска обработка на дървото, както и често използване на естествената му форма – като основа на маса, например. Трябва да се отбележи силното присъствие на Румъния с интересни продукти от естествена дървесина и оригинален дизайн.
Отново имаше много мрамор, но използван по оригинален и неочакван начин. Впечатляваща е новата колекция на Патриция Уркиола за Budri, в която тя обединява мрамора с красиви цветни смоли, както и умелото използване на мрамор за малки всекидневни предмети за бита. Като сервизите за чай на Bethan GrayTriangoli на David/Nikolas – вази и дребни съдове от мрамор в красиви цветове и форми, ръчно изработени от мрамор от Тоскански майстори.
Urquiola за Glas Italia
Patricia Urquiola за Glas Italia
Магията на стъклото – и тази година имаше запомнящи се продукти и колекции от цветно стъкло като  масичките в красиво синьо на Патриция Уркиола за Glas Italia и Alwa One Table на Sebastian Herkner за Pulpo. Wonderglass представи две много различни колекции, всяка от които по свой начин обединява майсторството на ръчните занаяти и изкуството - "Alcova" на Ronan и Erwan Bouroullec и другата на Atelier Fornasetti.
Стол изработен с 3D принтиране на Zaha Hadid architects
Стол изработен чрез 3D принтиране на Zaha Hadid architects
Имаше много реализации с помощта на 3D принтиране, включително и на цяла къща, изработена от робот, която след изложението ще бъде пренесена на друго място.
Bisazza Bagno - колекция Mahdavi  дизайн на India Mahdavi.
Bisazza Bagno - колекция Mahdavi дизайн на India Mahdavi
Обемът тази година нарасна и заради изложенията за бани и кухни, които се редуват през година с изложението за осветление. Бяха показани много интересни иновации и нови продукти, които заслужават подробно представяне. 
Колекция Shift на Kvadrat.
Колекция Shift на Kvadrat 
Темата за рециклиране на огромните количества отпадъци беше централна за датската компания KVADRAT. Колекцията SHIFT, която тя показа, е направена изцяло от отпадъци от модната и текстилната индустрия. 

Невъзможно е да се обхване цялото многообразие от инсталации, изложби и впечатляващи галерии, разпръснати из целия град. Но две са важните неща, които трябва да се споменат – тази година беше направено специално усилие представяните продукти да бъдат не толкова прототипи, които ще могат да бъдат закупени по-късно, а реални продукти, готови за продажба.
За първи път също така беше разпространен манифест, призоваващ града и дизайнерската индустрия да популяризират иновациите и устойчивостта на тазгодишното 57-мо издание. Манифестът, оповестен преди изданието на самия панаир призовава архитектите, дизайнерите и търговските марки да обърнат внимание на кръговата икономика, да уважават архитектурното развитие на Милано, да насърчават споделянето на идеи и да защитават работата на младите дизайнери.


“The idea that design is the development of a series of progressive sketches is romantic and not very accurate...”

Charles Eames noted back in 1964.