About me

Това е представянето ми като автор в Бордното списание на Авиокомпания „България Ер", но оттогава публикациите ми в различни издания са вече стотици. А видовете услуги, които Trendoffice предлага се увеличиха, както можете да видите най-горе.
"Brands are evolving as publishers, hiring journalists to better tell brand stories and investing in content marketing. But if a journalist has also professional qualifications and experience as interior designer, bloggerMedia Communications and  Use of Social Media for Design Marketing, then you can have the advantage to hire someone who knows how to help you make your brand popular and successful!"

I am available for news reports and trends analysis about the major international design events. 



“The idea that design is the development of a series of progressive sketches is romantic and not very accurate,”

Charles Eames noted back in 1964.