Saturday, April 27, 2013

One distinct trend of our times - modern nomads

With the possibilities that modern technology allow we are free to live and work almost anywhere. And designers are trying to help us do it in the most comfortable way! Have a look at my article with more details and here below are just some of these interesting new products:

Foldable sofa Kamp Kamp is designed for a nomadic modern lifestyle or just a temporary stay. The seat top can be separated from the bottom and rolled up while the bottom folds, thus making the item mobile. Size: 1700 • 700 H 730. Materials: fabric, steel

And this one is for those of us, who love luxury and value good quality:
Objets Nomades stool by Atelier Oi, in a folded and in an unfolded position.

Another proposal for the 
luxury loving travellers you can see on my other blog Trendoffice. It is so elegant, comfortable and designed in beautiful colours that even if you do not travel that often, it will make a great accent piece in your living room.


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“The idea that design is the development of a series of progressive sketches is romantic and not very accurate,”

Charles Eames noted back in 1964.